What is CryspIQ?

It’s a Data preparation and collection engine that removes the subjectivity around interpretation, automatically models your data based on a mapping, and makes it ready for use. It looks at Data from a fresh perspective and makes the preparation process simple, fast and easy to understand.

Why is CryspIQ different?

Imagine a machine that effortlessly sorts your coins, making them easy to identify. You pour all your change in one end and the machine will separate them into the correct piles.

CryspIQ does this for data in any form – it sorts, highlights poor quality and organises your Data, making it easy to find, use and deliver your insights.

Say goodbye to digging through jumbled Data. CryspIQ makes it ready for you to utilise. (… in one simple step.)

What value does CryspIQ bring to your organisation?


Reduced time and effort spent preparing and cleaning Data.


Early issue detection and near real-time monitoring.


Newly landed Data is ready to consume increasing speed.


Improved Data availability increases self service.

So, instead of spending hours interpreting, preparing and cleaning data, you (your business) can focus on using the time to make informed decisions which drive successful outcomes.