CryspIQ – An Introduction

By |2023-02-07T10:33:28+02:006 February 2023|Data|

CryspIQ is a data preparation product that delivers analytics and reporting-ready data directly to the consumer. The CryspIQ Data Model Design Increased Speed to Consumption Newly loaded data is immediately available to the data business user once it is available in CryspIQ Significantly less man hours required to deliver [...]

Data Preparation – The New Way

By |2023-02-07T12:10:20+02:005 February 2023|Data|

A New perspective for BI and Analytics For two and a half decades or more, organisations have followed one of the two data warehousing principles of Inmon (CIF, GIF and DW2.0) and Kimball (Star Schema Fact models) for preparation of data. Both methods have intrinsic benefits but leave organisations [...]

Data Warehousing – Time for a New Paradigm?

By |2023-02-07T12:10:39+02:004 February 2023|Data|

Data Warehousing - Time for a new paradigm? For more than 25 years now, businesses have followed a pattern of mapping business transactions in their own context into a data warehouse. Realistically, this practice, driven by the ideals and methodologies of either Bill Inmon or Ralph Kimball, has to-date [...]

Big Data

By |2023-02-07T10:11:06+02:002 February 2023|Data|

A pragmatic business problem resolution perspective The hype cycle of big data has brought a number of single stream suggestions to bear in resolving the world’s insatiable appetite for information. There are 3 primary solution focus areas that show intent in solving the big data problem, each with their [...]

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